Water From Your Eyes

Water From Your Eyes “Bad In The Sun” is a wild, dynamic ride, play Baby’s 9.19

“Bad In The Sun,” the newest offering by New York-based post-punk duo Water From Your Eyes, is a beautiful slow burn. Luring the listener into a false sense of trance-induced security through repetitive vocal samples and breakbeat 808s, the track eventually congeals into a harmonious vamp, wherein the chaos of their varied synth pop and new wave influences are slowly drawn back to reveal vocalist Rachel Brown’s mellifluous vocal performance and percussive, melodic guitar work. Clocking in at six minutes, it’s a wild ride that takes the listener through various musical themes incorporating IDM, folktronica, and indie rock, and demonstrates a bold vision for the group’s forthcoming LP Somebody Else’s Song. Stream it below, and catch Water From Your Eyes at Baby’s All Right on September 19th. -Connor Beckett McInerney


Water From Your Eyes plays Baby's All Right 12/2

NYC’s Water From Your Eyes fuse post punk and dancey grooves in All A Dance, their latest release and first for DIY imprint Exploding In Sounds records. Made up of Nate Amos (This Is Lorelei) and Rachel Brown (thanks for coming), the duo has been making music under the WFYE moniker for just around two years but in that time they’ve put out an impressive amount of music--two full-lengths and several EPs--and carved out their own sonic space. Amos’ dense mixes layer ‘80s-inspired bass lines and jumpy hooks over Brown’s wandering vocals, finding fresh retro-futuristic sounds that are just as uplifting as they are introspective. Water From Your Eyes seamlessly blend elliptical rhythms with twee-like melodies--resulting in a new-wave sound that's equal parts entrancing and charming. Their songs can clock in at over or around 6 minutes; they’re easy to get lost in. But no matter how hypnotizing the tracks may be, they never fail to keep a steady grasp on the listener’s attention. Keep an ear on them, and don't miss the opportunity to see them live on 12/2 at Baby’s All Right, where Water From Your Eyes are performing alongside Patio for Poppies' tour return. - Sara Nuta