Thompson Springs

Thompson Springs "Save the Trouble"

Thompson Springs have released a new single called "Save the Trouble". This is the group's first single of 2022 after releasing three last year in follow-up to their 2020 debut album Undertones.

This is the Folk Rock of Matt Smith (guitar, vocals), Jacob Bicknase (drums, synthesizer, piano), David Thrift (bass guitar, vocals), Jeff Sullivan (electric guitar), and Anthony Cook (electric guitar).

The group will touring the Midwest all April and you can find all of their dates here.


Thompson Springs "Too Close For Comfort"

Thompson Springs have released a new single called "Too Close For Comfort".

This is the work of Jacob Bicknase (drums, piano), David Thrift (Bass, backing vocals), Jeff Sullivan (electric guitar), Alex Charland (Saxophone), and Matt Smith (acoustic guitar, vocals)

You can catch Thompson Springs at Schubas on August 20th with Soul Honey Records, and Julian Daniell.


Thompson Springs "Fayetteville Hotline"

Thompson Springs has released a new single called "Fayetteville Hotline" via Dropped Beauty Recordings. This is the first new music from the Matt Smith project since the released of his 2020 album, Undertones.

On this single Smith, who plays acoustic guitar, baritone guitar, and sings, is joined by Jake Bicknase, David Thrift, Jeff Sullivan, Bailey Bigger, and John Pirruccello.