Sonny Falls

Sonny Falls "Wringing Out My Brain"

Sonny Falls have released the lead single and opening track, "Wringing Out My Brain", from their forthcoming album, Stoned, Beethoven Blasting, which is due out on April 20th via Forged Artifacts.

This is the project lead by Ryan "Hoagie" Wesley Ensley and this is the follow-up to his 2020 sophomore album, All That Has Come Apart​/​Once Did Not Exist.

You can catch Sonny Falls on April 4th at Sleeping Village with Lightleak and Mol Sullivan.


Sonny Falls "All That Has Come Apart​/​Once Did Not Exist"

Sonny Falls has released a massive double album called All That Has Come Apart​/​Once Did Not Exist via the Brooklyn label Plastic Miracles.

This is the work of Ryan "Hoagie" Wesley Ensley and the first new album from the group since 2018's Some Kind of Spectre. On this album Ensley gathered together several outstanding local musicians including Alex Reindl of Old Joy, Nora Barton of Planchette, Sen Morimoto, Macie Stewart of Ohmme and Josh Snader of CSTVT.


Sonny Falls "Pleasure Center Century"

Sonny Falls has released the second single, "Pleasure Center Century" from their forthcoming third album All That Has Come Apart / Once Did Not Exist.

This project is a double album split into three movements, and the band, fronted by Ryan “Hoagie Wesley” Ensley, plans to release it slowly over the course of the year via Elise Okusami's Plastic Miracles.


Sonny Falls "Lives Unlived b​/​w Hidden Coyotes"

Sonny Falls has released a new double single, "Lives Unlived" b​/​w "Hidden Coyotes". This is the first new music from the Ryan “Hoagie Wesley” Ensley fronted band since the release of 2018 their critically acclaimed 2018 album Some Kind of Spectre.

Ensley is currently working of the band's third album, but wrote these two song just after the shelter-in-place order came down in Chicago.


Sonny Falls “Towards No One"

Sonny Falls has released an Emulsion directed video for their latest single “Towards No One”. The track is taken from their recently released LP, Some Kind of Spectre (Sooper Records).

You can catch Sonny Falls at Beat Kitchen tomorrow, Sept 22nd, with Slaughter Beach, Dog and Gladie.