Sailor Boyfriend

Sailor Boyfriend embrace the void on “Shapes & Colors”

A post-modern philosophy informs “Shapes & Colors,” the latest single by new wave duo Sailor Boyfriend. The product of Andy Waldron and Alex Mercuri’s joint effort to comprehend the absurdity of modern existence, “Shapes” finds the two Jersey City multi-instrumentalists channeling an existential angst into blissful dance-punk - reacting not with scorn, but with joyous celebration against the Meaningless Void. Waldron’s four-on-the-floor percussion weaves around Mercuri’s syncopated guitar work, delivering a solid four minute jam accentuated by gang vocals and references to Samuel Beckett. Overall, what makes “Shapes & Colors” such an enjoyable listen is the realism of Sailor Boyfriend’s worldview that, though our lives may seem a Sisyphisian struggle, there’s still space dance ourselves clean of fatalism, even if for one fleeting moment.

“Shapes & Colors” is the title track of Sailor Boyfriend’s forthcoming sophomore effort, out April 12th on Make Believe Records. Take a listen below. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt), Photo via thesmallsoviet