Rosie Tucker

Rosie Tucker releases video for fan-favorite cover of Jeffrey Lewis's "Arrow"

You who have followed the LA indie scene over the past couple of years have certainly followed the rise of Rosie Tucker. Earlier this year, she released her single "Brand New Beast", the follow-up to the "Ambrosia" single and her breakout LP Never Not Never Not Never Not. At her most recent shows, Tucker's also rocked out with a cover of Jeffrey Lewis's "Arrow", which has become a fan favorite. With so many people asking for an official release of the song, Tucker has put out a video for it, hoping that those whose dreams of hearing it live this year will have something to tide them over until shows begin sometime in the hopefully not-too-distant future. Watch the video for Rosie Tucker's rendition of "Arrow" below. - Will Sisskind


Rosie Tucker's "Ambrosia" is a candid, bittersweet slice of life, Bootleg Theater residency in November

Stepping into any of Rosie Tucker's songs is always an experience. It's like going inside the singer-songwriter's internal monologue and watching the events, usually anxiety-ridden, unfold right before your eyes. "Ambrosia," her latest single, is a bit messy in its message—she worries about getting older, listens to John Coltrane, and stares at her fruit salad—all while she waits for her object of affection's text reply. It's funny to hear her open up with such candor, but also bittersweet, an open admission that amplifies an otherwise patient guitar strum. 

"Ambrosia" follows Tucker's debut full-length Never Not Never Not Never Not. The stand-alone single comes on the heels of her West Coast tour supporting Soccer Mommy, which precedes her upcoming month-long residency at Bootleg Theater in November. - Juan Rodríguez