Paper Fairy

Paper Fairy play footsie in new video for "We Laugh," plays Berlin 12.8

Paper Fairy returns with a video for the new single "We Laugh", featuring project mastermind Chris Gaskell and a whole lot of feet. The single comes from the NYC-based band's Tautology EP, a follow-up to last year's Haunter Haunted. On Tautology, Gaskell's avant-garde pop creates a dialogue between the concepts of the real self and the performed self. The video for "We Laugh" shows this conversation through close-ups of feet touching, Gaskell's face appearing in the big toenail (an unlikely place for a face to appear), and glass causing blood to spill, along with other examinations of body, pain, and voyeurism. Take a look at the strange, weirdly-engrossing video below, and catch Paper Fairy at Berlin on December 8th for the video release show. - Will Sisskind


Paper Fairy previews single from debut LP + play Sunnyvale on 09.18

The climactic peak of “You Know You’ve Not a Thing,” the first single from Paper Fairy’s debut album, may be the drum solo-like bridge two-thirds of the way through the track. Up to that point, the song seems to plod through an obstacle course of noise and silence, as if restrained to simmer but never boil. Twitching instrumentals back dark lines where Chris Gaskell, the Brooklyn musician leading the project, repeats the title phrase: “you know you’ve not a thing to rely on,” “you know you’ve not a thing to hold on to,” but the track doesn’t peak until that middle section where distorted drums battle with chaotic jolts of sound. It’s a fitting introduction to Paper Fairy’s debut album, Haunter Haunted, which Gaskell describes as a horror concept album. Haunter Haunted will be self-released on October 26. Listen to “You Know You’ve Not a Thing” below, and check the project out live tomorrow (09.18) at Sunnyvale. – Cameron Carr