The Millennial Club

The Millennial Club's She's So Insane EP is fire you need to ignite your summer

The Millennial Club has just released their debut EP, She’s So Insane, and we should talk about just how insane it truly is. This band keeps creating an incredible mix of music that continues to impress me, given that the collection of songs on this new release are important to the success and growth they have experienced this past year. “MI” is by far the most accomplished, proving that they're raising the bar with a madcap collection of riffs, keyboards, synths, guitars, and even saxophones.

She’s So Insane makes you feel like time isn’t slipping away as fast as you may think. Their music sparks a warm and familiar glow that proves just how irresistible their music authentically is—an album to fuel your summer, every single day. Kayla Hay


The Millennial Club unveil new single "Santa Barbara"

The Millennial Club hit our Artist of the Month poll back in May, and we are happy to announce the release of their newest single, “Santa Barbara,” as of today. A long and breezy drive back to the future as if it was painted by Bob Ross himself, The Millennial Club brush a dreamy, warm pastel of lush, atmospheric pop that will streamline you back into the 80’s. Radiant and passionate lyrics, paired with a smooth synth bass that floats you up and down the coast, will leave your ears ringing for more. Lead vocalist Andres Owens sings about raw and unfiltered love, matching a relationship every one of us has come to know. Owens is backed by a beautiful ensemble of instrumentals that can be heard from bars to cars in an instant without ever noticing a change of scenery. 

The Millennial Club are set to drop their forthcoming EP, "She’s So Insane," later this summer. Kayla Hay