PREMIERE: LUKKA's psych sound goes electro in new video "Feed Me"

“God keeps rushing through your fingers, as the hour of life slowly disappears.” Such cryptic statements are an old hat for New York psych performer LUKKA, who on new song “Feed Me” splits the difference between the metaphysical and tangible through an engrossing mix of electronic and psychedelic. Notably more synth-driven than the project’s 2018 debut ENCOUNTER, the track’s momentum is found in an abiding, lively arpeggio and strengthened by lush, echoing power chords evocative of outfits like Unknown Mortal Orchestra and POND. This blend keeps things grounded yet atmospheric, incorporating the right amount of psych headiness and keyboard-friendly indie; such instrumentation also provides the perfect space for LUKKA’s free-form lyricism, a spacey falsetto that modulates between themes empirical and spiritual (and which inevitably become entangled in the track’s later half). You can stream the track now, as well as watch its visuals (created by artists Simone Brillarelli and Nicola Giorgio) below.


LUKKA explores psychedelic space on "ENCOUNTER," plays Pianos on 11.16

New York psych-rock revivalist LUKKA lets dynamic range form the backbone of her upcoming debut, ENCOUNTER, her understated vocal performance emerging as if from an antique telephone against bombastic, interwoven guitars and a punching percussive backbeat. It’s a spot-on choice in terms of production, as it fills the entirety of the LP with a sense of wandering space, evocative of both psych pioneers like The Zombies and contemporaries such as POND and Tame Impala. Careful to not lose the forest through the trees, however, ENCOUNTER never gets too spacey, tunneling forward with explosive sunburnt energy on tracks like “Life Is Like On TV” and recently dropped single, “Blackhole Fusion,” finding the perfect balance between stillness and motion that channels psych’s colorful past in the fashion of contemporary, energetic alternative rock.

You can catch LUKKA’s technicolor soundscape at Pianos on November 16th. Until then, stream single “Blackhole Fusion” below. - Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)