Lovechild unveils video for "Ocean Hill," plays The Knit on 03.08

In 2015, the girlfriend of Lovechild's frontman Leo Liebeskind was living in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in New York- Ocean Hill, Brooklyn. Now, the neighborhood is the namesake of Lovechild's latest single and music video, "Ocean Hill." Complete with twangy guitars and a breezily-paced rhythm section, the song reminds listeners that we are on the upswing headed out of winter. The music video, however, depicts an icy Coney Island boardwalk, and fellow band members Wyatt Mones, Daryl Cozzi, and Karl Markgraf VIII attempting to teach Liebeskind how to ride a bike. There's still a bit of waiting to be done until beach season, but until then you can listen to "Ocean Hill" and dream of lazy summer afternoons.

Lovechild will be playing live at The Knit on March 8. - Geena Kloeppel


Lovechild debuts single/video for "Northbound Train," plays Knit on 08.29

For those flirting with the idea of fleeing the bustling New York, Lovechild's new single and video "Northbound Train" might seem relatable. The psych-folk track has frontman Leo Liebeskind waxing nostalgic about the countryside, as he yearns for escape. The video shows Liebeskind and his band drive through the sleepy scenery of Upstate New York. Both the single and video provide a good segue from the pop of summer into the oncoming wistfulness of fall. Lovechild will perform at The Knitting Factory on August 29th, but you can hear their new single in their video below. - Will Sisskind


Lovechild bring '60s psych Americana to the Knit on 08.29

Blending psychedelia with folk has been an established indie trend of the new millennium (so many dream pop bands out there!), but few remember that folk and psych rock had something more than a flirt back in the the '60s... NYC's Lovechild reference, in their sound, that very source. The band's only song available for purchase on Bandcamp is a live, one-take, DIY jam that definitely evokes the "good ole days" of guitar-banging, basement-come-venue style shows. The simplest way to describe "Plant a Flower" is that it sounds like a grungier version of something by the Rolling Stones, on drugs. In a good way. Catch Lovechild at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on August 29th. -Geena Kloeppel