Buzz Alert: L'Freaq unveils video for "Moonlight" from "Weird Awakenings" EP

We've been saying for years that female indie musicians have, on average, been producing a lot more interesting material than their dude counterparts, and L'Freaq, the project of bi-coastal electronic singer songwriter Lea Cappelli, is another piece in the truly beautiful puzzle representing NYC women's musical output in the new millennium. After releasing the delicate yet edgy electro-soul ballad "Weird Awakenings," the artists has recently unveiled a darker (and even edgier) single/video combo with  "Moonlight" - streaming below. Channeling the experimental, noir ballads of Portishead, the track features a deceivingly sparse arrangement, blending a killer plodding and syncopated rhythm section with ever-evolving, ambient electronic soundscape. Lea's vocals not only confirm her noteworthy pipes and silky tone, but also reveal her ability to convey character to a performance and "play" the song's part, a trait only few musical performer possess. Don't miss her next live performance at Rockwood on February 2nd.


L’FREAQ premieres video for “Weird Awakenings” on Billboard

L’FREAQ has recently premiered on Billboard.com a new music video for her single “Weird Awakenings,” the second released off her forthcoming EP of the same title. Her dreamy, sultry voice layered over a pulsing beat is reminiscent of LP1-era FKA twigs, mixed with the power of early 2000s R&B ballads. The lyrics are borderline disturbing as she pleads “Gimme that sweet tooth grin / hold me before I know it’s over;” Singer Lea Cappelli says that the awakening she refers to in the title happened in real life, when she finally felt “liberated from a doomed relationship.” “Weird Awakenings” is authoritative and dynamic, and is indicative of good things to come. - Lily Crandall