Girl K

Girl K "Basement Sessions"

Girl K has released the audio and a partial video of a basement set that includes their latest single, "Dog Year Lungs", and a couple of tracks from their 2019 debut album, For You.

This is the work of Kathy Patino, Tony Mest, Alex Pieczynski, and Kevin Sheppard.


Girl K Announces "For Now"

Girl K announced this week that their sophomore album will be called For Now and will be released on March 15th. This follows-up their 2017 debut album, Sunflower Court. Below is their latest single “Dog Year Lungs”, which dropped back in October.

The band also announced that they will be hosting an album release event at Schubas on March 15th with Fran and Engine Summer.


Girl K “Division Club"

Girl K has released a new single called “Division Club”. Girl K is lead by the powerful vocals and guitar playing of Kathy Patino. She is accompanied by Jake Theimer (Bass), Mike Wolz (Guitar), and Tyler Pacheco (Drums).

Below is the Andrew Tricaso directed video for “Division Club”.

You can catch Girl K at Subterranean with Hala, BOYO, and The Hazy Seas on June 26th.