Ester "Weak"

Ester (aka Anna Holmquist) has released a new EP called "Weak". The project was created for the Berlin-based podcast "Weekly EP" where they have an artist/band create an EP in just seven days and then come on and discuss the process and results.

Anna recently launched a wonderful podcast of her own called "Bad Songwriter" where she invites fellow songwriters on explore their earliest creations and discuss how their sound and process has changed over time.


Ester "John's Car"

Ester has has released a second single, "John's Car", from their forthcoming album, Turn Around, which is due out March 27th. This is project fronted by Anna Holmquist and featuring Katelyn Cohen, Chris Colson, Raul Cotaquispe, Chris Harris, and Tim Newsum.

Ester is performing a sold out show on March 15th at Schubas with Bad Bad Hats, and the album release event will take place on April 9th at The Hideout with Half Gringa. You can catch Anna performing a solo on April 3rd at Cafe Mustache with Rami Atassi, Diagonal, and Sex No Babies.


Ester "Lock Me Up"

Ester has released the first single, "Lock Me Up" from their forthcoming album, Turn Around, which is due out March 27th via Midwest Action.

This is primarily the work of Anna Holmquist of The Curls, but when accompanied by a full band they are joined by Katelyn Cohen, Tim Newsum, Will Kyriazis, Chris Colson, and Raul Cotaquispe.

You can catch Ester on February 4th at Crown Liquors, February 29th at The Burlington, and at Schubas on March 15th.


Ester @ Schubas (1/19)

Ester began as the solo project of Anna Holmquist of The Curls and has become a fully realized band over the last year. Back in May she release her debut album, Curtains, and has gather a group of talented musicians to perform these songs and work on the next Ester album coming later this year.

The band includes Katelyn Cohen, Chris Colson, Raul Cotaquispe (of Fran), Will Hulseman, Tim Newsum and Jenn Romero (of The Jellies).

Ester will be performing at a sold out show on January 19th at Schubas with Sontalk, Shortly, and Yoke Lore.