Eliza Bird

The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Eliza Bird

After listening to Eliza Bird, it isn’t very surprising to learn that the band’s name was inspired by grave stones in an old cemetery. There’s an inherent sadness in the vocals that seems to weigh heavily on the poetically obtuse lyrics, encouraging you to take a deep dive in search of the meaning behind each tale. The band, which consists of Devyn Luzniak, Jake Soojian, Peter Dampman, and Carson Hyde, “want to feel weird with you.” So check out their tunes below and our latest Featured Artist(s) interview HERE.  


New Track: "spoons, knives?" - Eliza Bird

Fledgling four-piece Eliza Bird recently shared a new single, “spoons, knives?”. Lyrically, the song expresses a desire to take a stand against those whom overlook and/or mistreat you. Wrapped in warm, delicate atmospherics that are accented by the soft moan of guitar, there’s an internalized tug of war between passively grinning and bearing or pulling no punches. It can be a struggle, weighing the potential results of action versus inaction and determining the best course to take, especially when dealing with the underlying theme of domestic abuse.