New Track: "Weak" - Blushed

The quartet of Blushed is scheduled to release a split EP, So Cool, with Secret Nudists Friends on June 22 via Good How Are You Records. Its first single, “Weak,” gradually wades outward. A persistent backend rumbles and pushes forward, as angst-anchored vocals softly swell within the surf sound. You can catch the band on Thursday, May 10 at Kobol, as part of the 3-day Good How Are You Fest.


The Deli Philly's Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner: Blushed

Philly’s Blushed seems to have come together the way many bands do in burgeoning DIY music communities. Fledgling artist (Missy Pidgeon) moves to the city, and meets like-minded musician (Matty Klauser) at a local show, who eventually introduces her to another classically-trained music friend (Alyssa Milman). They “gel nicely,” and start a band. With merely two released demos under their belt, we look forward to hearing what they’ll do with their free mastering and recording studio time prizes from our generous and supportive sponsors APS Mastering and Sleepless Sound. However, before that happens, feel free to learn more about our recent Featured Artist(s) Poll Winner HERE.