Selebrities and Sports Illustrated - everybody loves indie!

It's kind of interesting to see more and more cultural and publishing institutions embrace the cause of emerging indie bands, but we honestly didn't see this one coming: Sports Illustrated decided to link their popular yearly swimsuit issue to... indie rock bands. We were rather excited at the idea of semi-nude pictures of young hipsters, but our lustful urge was disappointed. The musical artists are only present in this operation with their music, and we guess it's better that way. Electro-pop ensemble Selebrities is the lucky band that will represent Brooklyn, and was also booked to play the 2 day, Las Vegas based "Swimsuit Beauties & Beats Music Festival," headlined by The Black Keys. Considering that The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit franchise reaches more than 70 million people annually, and more men 18 to 34 than the Super Bowl, this can only be seen as fantastic news for the indie cause - unless you would have rather given that kind of exposure to Chirstina Aguileira or something... Now go ahead Selebrities peeps, and blow those 70 million minds with your tunes!