Happy DELI-WEEN: Video and audio playlists

What whattaya know...it's almost Halloween! And since we're fully aware of our target market of ghouls and goblins and witches and warlocks and slashers and sickos and other demented and deranged types--we've assembled not ONE but TWO very special "DELI-WEEN" playlists (branding!) for your delectation. The first of these is a video playlist (see below, duh!) chock full of 159 video clips including lots of holiday-appropriate music both new and old, plus lots of vintage horror movie trailers and other Hallow's Eve ephemera. Plus, if you share the Deli's viewpoint that "Everyday Is Halloween" (due credit to Uncle Al!) then you can enjoy this sick-in-every-sense playlist all the year round.

And btw the cover image above is taken from Surfbort's recent single "Happy Happy Halloween" which just so happens to be the leadoff track of the video playlist below because Surfbort rules


As those late night informercials used to say...THAT"S NOT ALL because there's also a whopping 113-song strong DELI-WEEN Spotify playlist that can be enjoyed by clicking on any of the highlighted words here. Likewise, this playlist is full of music new and old--and even more than the video playlist, it's all-year-round appropriate given that only a smattering of the songs are explicitly Halloween themed--it's more just a playlist of music that's on the darker side of things, but all over the map genre- and sensibility-wise, with the songs ordered alphabetically by song title for your browsing pleasure! So maybe just pretend it's the soundtrack to I Know What You Did 20 Summers Ago or something along those lines and have a good time listening. (Jason Lee)