Drug Couple & Moon Kissed live tonight

It's my working hypothesis that Becca and Miles are hands down the cutest drug-buddies-slash-couple since the dazed heydays of Juliana and Evan Lemonhead who once dueted on a song called "My Drug Buddy" about just this exact subject. And c'mon I mean being drug buddies with benefits, how much better can life possibly get? Well I'll tell ya how it does, you could also be in a cool indie band together--a cool indie band that could've very plausibly scored a gig at the Peach Pit if this were ah say 1995 meaning you could hang out together with Brandon & Kelly and Brenda & Dylan in cute couple nirvana much like the Flaming Lips and the Cramps and the Cardigans before them. 

In celebration of this winning trifecta of lovin' touchin' and squeezin' the previously mentioned Becca and Miles (have you forgotten the first paragraph already?! maybe slow down on those drugs bubby!) named their musical collaboration Drug Couple. Also not unlike Evan and Juliana before them and their various musical projects over the years, the Drug Couple couple have quite a knack for writing sugary sweet pop hooks backed up by musical textures that can veer from pleasantly jangly to pleasantly jagged at a moment's notice (case in point being the opening track from their 2020 EP called Choose Your Own Apocalypse ((which really is the best any of us can hope for these days)) with said track being called "2027" which is a year that can't get here soon enough). 

And dammit if Becca and Miles are not deceptively wholesome enough to take home to Mom and Dad should you choose to form a thruple with the couple and just in time for Valentine's Day you lucky dog. With all of this in mind and given that Drug Couple are pretty easy on the eyes I don't feel wrong in recommending that you watch them play a live set coming up here in a few hours at 8pm EST--streamed on one of the Deli's very favorite virtual concert outlets known as BABY TV--after which you will no doubt be moved to exclaim, and here I quote the esteemed Steve Sanders after having witnessed the aforementioned Flaming Lips play "She Don't Use Jelly" live at the Peach Pit: "You know, I've never been a big fans of alternative music but these guys rocked the house!"

And here's a big bonus and added incentive. Drug Couple will be sharing the stage with Moon Kissed, an also very cute thruple (in the musical sense that is) who are likewise highly skilled at combining big melodic pop hooks with rocking the f*ck out and if you don't believe me peep the song above which as far as I'm concerned should have been declared the "Song of the Summer" in 2019 when it came out and for every summer subsequently. Moon Kissed are also recent Deli Artists' of the Month so rest assured you should keep an eye out for what these ladies have coming up soon... (Jason Lee)