Live Radio Broadcast Event This Sunday at Pine Box Rock Shop in Bushwick!

 Live Music events are few and far between these days, but a live radio broadcast will be going down this Sunday in Bushwick at Pine Box Rock Shop as part of the" Wall Of Lies" art instillation.

The "Wall Of Lies" is a 50 by 10 foot outdoor mural displaying 20,000 lies told by Donald Trump during his tenure in office and verified by The Washington Post. The socially distanced exhibit will also include a voter registration drive and feature a live radio broadcast from Radio Free Brooklyn from 3-6 PM. The live broadcast will feature lies themed music and Radio Free Brooklyn hosts reading some of the lies. Members of the public will also be invited to participate. The "Wall Of Lies" was originally conceived as a marathon on-air reading by members of the Radio Free Brooklyn community but the pandemic presented problems for seeing the project come to fruition in that way. Station co-founder Tom Tenney was approached by Bushwick-based photographer Phil Buehler about reviving the project as a visual art installation. And so the "Wall Of Lies" was born.

The "Wall Of Lies" will be visible on Saturday, October 3 and Sunday October 4 from noon until 7PM.  Socially distancing guidelines will be enforced and masks will be required. 

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Pine Box Rock Shop