VIDEO: LAPéCHE's "Gracie" is dark and disconcerting, play Gold Sounds 1.30

A persistent sense of dread dominates “Gracie,” the latest music video by Brooklyn-based indie outfit LAPéCHE. Perhaps it’s the synergy of outdated televisions and a 1950s costume aesthetic that seems inherently Lynchian — alternatively, the track’s dramatic vocal performance by Krista Holly Diem and esoteric lyrics create for a somber listen external to any aesthetic accompaniment. Regardless, “Gracie” is a compelling visual, seemingly existent in a universe of its own, that showcase the New York four piece’s ear for harmonically minor melodies and engaging, interweaving guitar work, a track that will immediately resonate with enthusiasts of darker post-punk. Watch it below, and see LAPéCHE at Gold Sounds on January 30th.