American Actor's debut single proves unique and gritty, plays The Broadway 1.27

New York indie outfit American Actor’s debut singles Chaos Creator / Cold Hands showcases an upstart alternative group with a penchant for gritty, growling rock and graphic (and sometimes salacious) lyricism. The release’s A Side (“Chaos Creator”) flexes frothy vocals and a sliding, siren-esque guitar, culminating in a no-holds-barred chorus with a heavy crunch, before transitioning to a distinctly chiller B-Side (“Cold Hands”), replete with lewd wordage and a self-effacing perspective. Between the band’s reliance on space-filling electric guitars and the forthcoming nature of their central vox, American Actor’s sound falls squarely between the instrumental stylings of alt giants like The National and the tongue-in-cheek lyrics of Alex Cameron, simultaneously bringing their own uniquely grimy songwriting to the forefront while never pulling punches. Listen to them below, and catch the band’s debut performance at The Broadway on January 27th. —Connor Beckett McInerney