Wyatt Blair releases new power-pop EP "For The First Time"

Though Wyatt Blair's new EP For The First Time has come out just weeks before the start of a new decade, it has a power pop sound which smacks heavily of sound from decades long since passed. A track like "Boys Night Out" has a touch of Springsteen with a guitar riff that sounds like "Rosalita" and pounding toms from "Candy's Room". "Cherry Rose" has hints of Pat Benatar and Ratt in its cross between glam metal and early Eighties new wave. And "Fear To Fight" picks up the speed with a bit of proto-punk from bands like The Cars. Even though Blair takes a lot from the music of the previous generation, there's plenty on For The First Time to please listeners in the generations of today. Take a listen to "Boys Night Out" below. - Will Sisskind