Brion Starr reimagines New York on upcoming LP "Global Identity, 03.21

New York City is a paradoxical place. With familiar landmarks vanishing on the daily, many of the things we conjure when we think about the city are in fact no longer there. This is the city that native Brion Starr inhabits, and his music reflects the disaffected feeling of watching the place you love become unrecognizable before your very eyes. What’s particularly fascinating about Starr’s music is that it draws a lot of influence from one particular New York legend: the underground glam rock scene of the 1970s. The sparkling cacophony of his experimental brand of vintage rock leans more toward Brian Eno than David Bowie, and while watching him perform in sequin jumpsuits its hard not to imagine what those who shaped New York’s past might think of the city today. Perhaps that’s the very question Starr wants us to answer. Wrapping up a tour with The Chills, Starr plans to release his LP Global Identity on March 21st - while you wait, check out “Oh Please”, the first single off the album, below. - Sunny Betz