Future Punx to release forthcoming album at Alphaville 03.09

Sure, you could tweak your sound any which way to fit into the requirements of a genre... but why do that when you could make up your own genre? That’s what Future Punx, the Brooklyn based self proclaimed “post-wave” band, decided to do. Drawing on the oddball sound and stage antics of bands like Devo and The Talking Heads, Future Punx bring new wave to 2019 with a terse, yet energetic, sound that walks the line between synthpop and post punk. It’s a mix that can only be described as, well, “post-wave” - and it’s definitely addicting. Future Punx will bring their waves to Alphaville on March 9th to premier their album The World is A Mess - stream the single “Want To Be Wanted” off their upcoming LP below. - Sunny Betz