Macseal confront human discomforts on "Map It Out," play Baby's 1.19

A consistent sense of uncomfortability permeates Macseal’s recent extended play, Map It Out, one that is offset only by the Long Island pop-punk five-piece’s confident and driven musicianship. Each track on Map chalks in just around three minutes, each song an inner monologue covering the tedious nature of fitting in, human intimacy, or a sense of immobility - against this fraught and anxious lyricism, Macseal interweaves triumphant major-key guitar riffs and concise sprung clock drumming with gusto. In doing so, the band’s music reads as a confrontation of these uncomfortable facets of human life, a sharp rebuke that seeks to address these pangs head on through an energetic and self-assured performance.

Macseal will lend their energy in support of Prince Daddy & The Hyena at Baby’s All Right on January 19th, alongside Strange Ranger and bad heaven. Stream Map It Out below. -Connor Beckett McInerney (@b_ck_tt)