Rotem premieres new album at two release shows on 09.01 and 09.02

Rotem is the type of artist for whom the codifier “experimental artist” is worn with pride. On his latest album, My Favorite Monster, the fusion of jazz with other genres explodes with colorful shrapnel. The guitars and drums would feel right at home on a Flying Lotus record, while the intense solos sound straight out of '70s prog-rock. This devotion to tinkering with his sound allows Rotem to play with tone and mood in interesting ways, producing songs like the gentle and sensual “My Favorite Monster” to segue into “My Favorite Things”, a fiery and claustrophobic political track featuring hip hop artist Cliche. Rotem performed at two separate release shows this past weekend at Nublu and Pete’s Candy Store, and will take his new material on tour across the US starting September 13. –Tucker Pennington