The Britanys bring their fun indie rock to Rough Trade 06.16

If you miss the sound of the indie rock of the early-to-mid-2000s, The Britanys might be just what the doctor ordered. Made up of four roommates based in Bushwick, the band uses their apartment as headquarters, and offers a cohesive sound of electric, upbeat and melodic indie rock filled with catchy guitar riffs and light vocals. Their latest release, “When I’m With You” shows a slight evolution in the sound compared with previous releases, more sparse and mature, and rehashes the 20-something’s saga of complicated relationship. Lead singer Lucas Long laments “We break up then we’re back together / We make up now we’re through forever.” As trends go in and out of style, The Britanys have solidified a timeless sound. Don’t miss them at Rough Trade on June 16th. -Lily Crandall