Synth-pop duo Drinker releases “Follow,” first single off new album

Drinker’s “Follow” is the train-riding, solo-walking, last-hour-of-a-long-flight soundtrack you have been waiting for. It has a transportative element, a mellow, continual feel of slowly traveling to an eventual goal. Producer and composer Ariel Loh achieves this by layering singer-songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn’s soothing vocals over looping electronic beats and synth pads you can get lost in. It’s a yearning, earnest, repeating plea by Mendelsohn: “If I can make you follow / I think that we might find our way.” “Follow” is the first single from their forthcoming album, and if this track is any way a preview of things to come, Drinker is definitely one to keep an ear on. - Lily Crandall