Spooky Mansion bring new "Surf-Hop" sound to Golden Bull 08.23

San Fransisco outfit Spooky Mansion will be playing a hometown show this summer at Golden Bull on August 23rd. The band’s most recent material came out this year with a surprisng stylistic change; The previousl;y self-described surf rock band brought a whole different flavor of chill, hip-hop oriented beats and instrumentation on their new EP, I'm the Moon, You're the Wave (so plz change w/ me). With listed influences like Modest Mouse and Pixies, this project contrarily resembles (at least to our ears) the fellow Californian band The Neighbourhood, especially on “You’re the Wave”, a subtle and gentle track with dreamy piano chords over a quick, lofi hip-hop beat and harmonizing soft vocals. Check out the band’s latest work below. - Pearse Devlin