Celeste Krishna's 'Prelude Red' is a foot-tapping, body pulsing breakthrough record

"Call up the devil / tell him I'm ready to make deal / meet me in downtown New York / I wanna be young again," proclaims Celeste Krishna on "Call up the Devil." The Brooklyn based artist has forged a intriguing atmospheric avant-indie-dance sound on her new album Prelude Red, that's more sincere than anything else you might want to tap your feet and sway along to. But that doesn't mean the music isn't grounded- there are various field-recordings inserted at the end of each track, of personal conversations and the typical New York subway "stand clear of the closing doors please!" semi-robotic warning. Krishna is also releasing a digital record player for the album in November- "When you go to the player site, the starting point of the album will be random but it will retain its sequence - this way there isn't a particular beginning or end to the album." -Geena Kloeppel