Restless post-punks Big Bliss release single “Fortune” + play C'mon Everybody on 7.14

Regardless of what’s going on in the world, punk music is like a cockroach the mainstream just can’t kill. It’s constantly growing and shapeshifting into new amalgamations that its originators couldn’t even imagine. That’s where the fast-paced, frantic post-punk of Brooklyn’s Big Bliss comes in. Taking cues from legends like The Cure, Blig Bliss's arrangements are restless and rampaging, while their vocals are cold and detached. Their new single, “Fortune” (streaming below) is an explosion of angsty energy, with a thrumming bass line, a frenzied guitar part, and a hypnotic chorus. Catch them play live at C’mon Everybody on July 14th. - Lilly Milman, photograph by Kevin Condon