A Deer A Horse to bring blistering noise-y sludge rock to St. Vitus 5/1

A Deer A Horse has a penchant for tearing through the tidy lines separating genres with reckless abandon, and on their latest EP release, Backswimmer, the Brooklyn-based threepiece fuses together styles and feels with the might of an atom smasher.  Sludgy, doom metal riffs, meet angular, dissonant melody lines, and are paired with deep, bewitching female-led vocals, that are set against a rotation of primative tom-toms, and indie-rock beats. Take all of this and consider that--somehow--the band manages to showcase strong hook-writing chops and pop sensibility. A Deer A Horse is schizo-rock at its absolute finest and their EP is an aggresive, blistering mind-meld that we can't get enough of. Check out the band's title track streaming below, and see them live at St. Vitus 5/1 alongside Dad, Darkwing, My Heart and the Real World, and Samantha Noise. - Olivia Sisinni