I Was Awake

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<p>With their new album,&nbsp;<em>Facade,</em>&nbsp;<a href="https://www.facebook.com/iwasawake/">I Was Awake</a>&nbsp;has released upon the world a substantial effort that shows the versatility and raw talent of the five-piece metal group. &nbsp;Weaving together a dynamic web of prog, metal, and alt-rock&nbsp;that invokes the greatness of bands like The Deftones and Porcupine Tree, while maintaining an original and modern energy, the boys from Beverly, MA have created a deeply engaging sound that will keep this album on heavy rotation. &nbsp;From beginning to end, each track shows a different facet of the group, starting with the title track, a one and a half minute crescendo leading up to the hard hitting &quot;Erasing&quot;, filled with chunky guitars and mixed meter grooves. &nbsp;<em>Facade </em>is a journey, maintaining those strong grooves, taking periodic stops for high-energy riffs (&quot;Gravity&quot;) and softer dynamics (&quot;As Within...&quot;, &quot;...So Without&quot;). &nbsp;If thought provoking lyricism and intelligent songwriting is your thing, then I Was Awake will likely become a new favorite. &nbsp;Give <em>Facade </em>a listen (or twelve) and keep your eyes open for live performances in 2017. <em>-Brian Varneke</em></p>