Belle Mare release new single "Dark of My Evening"

With their signature ghostly, melancholic melodies, Belle Mare have carved for themselves a rather unique niche in the NYC music scene. Their insanely eerie debut EP "The Boat of the Fragile Mind" was our NYC record of the month back in 2013. Since then, the band's sound has dialed back the reverb knob and opened up to rhythms a little bit to more upbeat. Still, their music maintains that haunting quality that has the power to bring back to focus the good and bad emotional baggage that our daily, stressful routine conceals from our attention. New single "Dark of my Evening" is just about that: "You can make me feel. The worst that I feel. Or the happiest." This is music that enriches the lives of those who can appreciate it, because, sadly or luckily, it's not always time to party.