Next Monday (10.19) another night with talented NYC female musicians at The Hum

We certainly have an affinity with the gals at Hypnocraft (who organize the Deli sponsored weekly, collaborative, female-artist-only nights called The Hum) since they keep booking musicians involved with bands we love, many of whom we featured on our rag's cover in the past. The upcoming event, scheduled for Monday 10.19, features a particularly intriguing line up. 

The first collaboration will see extraordinary one-woman-band Emily Wells (whom we booked years ago for a fantastic BK Bazaar show) collaborate with atmospheric electronic artist Lorna Dune; expect a lot of electronic instrumentation laying around, and some looping of acoustic instruments. After this duo, a quartet of ladies will take the stage: Kristin Slipp (Cuddle Magic), Rosana Caban (Psychic Twin), Angelica Bess (Body Language), and Becca Kauffman (Ava Luna) - the latter two were featured with their bands on the cover of past issues of The Deli; a lot of really good vocalists in this group, we would be surprised if we didn't witness some three way harmonizing at some point during the set... The final show will mix things up big time, with a jazz flavor brought by saxophonist Hailey Niswanger and xylophonist Nikara Warren, and Hip Hop vocals courtesy of rapper L.atasha A.lcindor AKA L.A. and soulful singer Katie Jones.

It will be a fun night, hope to see you there! - Photo by Amanda Hatfield — with Katrina Cunningham and Idgy Dean at Manhattan Inn last Monday.