Tiny Hazard plays three NYC shows in a week

When we see an emerging NYC band play three local shows in a week we wonder whether they are starting to get a bigger following or simply... don't know what they are doing (it's very hard to get out the fans when playing shows so close to each other, and empty rooms are bad for bands and venues). But either way, Tiny Hazards - a Deli Artist of the Month earlier in 2014 led by visionary songwriter Alena Spanger - is so good that they deserve a bigger following. The Brooklyn quintet plays what ove here we call "Avant-Indie," i.e. the more experimental variety of indi rock, and they do it by blending anything from math rock to pop to noise rock. Check out this insane single entitled "Silouhette," which is at once enjoyable, bizarre and friggin' scary. Schizopop, indeed... You can see Tiny Hazard live at Silent Barn on November 11 and 16, and at Pianos on the 14th.