The Cabana Kids share single 'Just Let Me Know' from upcoming EP

NYC's The Cabana Kids released debut single ‘Just Let Me Know’ (streaming) earlier this month, giving us a small taste of what their fall EP 'The Birds & The Bees' might have in store for us. Their nostalgic vibe is homespun, with male and female vocals taking turns on simple acoustic guitar chords, underlined by reverb-drenched stabs of distorted six strings, which made us think of The Jesus and Mary Chain from their poppier days. The handclaps-driven chorus is an explosion of pop cuteness, with 60s elements taking over in the vocal and organ department, and harmonies that lead singer Joseph Lee describes as "what Sonny and Cher would sound like if they were hipsters." The Cabana Kids' indie spin on bubblegum pop is charming and uplifting yet quite unique. - Sammie Spector