Loveskills - Taking Dance Music Back to the Future

Nabbing their moniker from a 1984 adult film with the subtitle, “A Guide to the Pleasures of Sex,” Brooklyn’s Loveskills released the warmly-textured “Multiplicity” EP this past spring, songwriter Richard Spitzer having played and produced every note. A band was quickly formed and lead single “Cover Me” pulled in solid early reviews for its searing Italo-Disco soundscape (think Georgio Morodor’s production of “Maniac,” minus the Top 40 flourishes). The rest of the EP dabbles in dubstep, late ‘80s house beats and hip-hop, all couched in Spitzer’s jazzy futurism. Lyrically, things never veer too far from the ‘we’re-young-and-decadent’ theme, except on “We Say Love,” whose lyrics lament a lack of contemporary empathy with lines like: “The nation’s happy learning math, while they're stuck like I am turning back/But we say love.” - Brian Chidester