NYC Artists not to miss: Julia Easterlin, live at Cameo on 06.24-25

For a woman that seemingly manages to pull any instrument conceivable from her body, Julia Easterlin gives you no room for missing much else from a band. But let me be clear. Julia is no mere band-in-the-box novelty act. Her music evokes an enlarged view of spirituality told through dualing rhythms, multi-layered vocal tracks, and a soul with the ability to make anyone a believer in the power of her huge voice and generous loop machines. Check out the song "Unison" below and her latest single in the video for Mavis Staples' "Eyes on the Prize" here, and make yourself a believer too. This is seriously jaw-dropping stuff. Watch until the end!

Don't miss Julia's double date at Cameo on June 24 and 25. - Mike Levine (@Goldnuggets)

We added this song to The Deli's playlist of Best mellow songs by emerging NYC artists - check it out!