Electro-Pop-Art: Psychobuildings

Anybody out there following the saga of those dot paintings? The ones by Damian Hirst that have the art world running in circles trying to catch its own tail? Yeah, well, that’s kinda what this latest single by Psychobuildings reminds me of. This time Peter LaBier discards his signature warbly vocals for crisp, lean pronunciation and he brings on Amanda Warner of MNDR for some blue-eyed soul vocals. But other than that, it’s business as usual: morbidly indulgent lyrics set to prancy, darkwave rhythms. What is harder to figure out this time ‘round is whether, like Hirst, Psychobuildings is commenting on the “me-me-me” credo of the times, or whether they’re actually compliant. Given the band’s background, I’m gonna guess there’s some outsider declaration here. Either way, I hope they contact Damian Hirst’s agent and find a way to make a music video filled with bouncing dots. - Brian Chidester