Future Screens' (even) poppier Chill Wave - live at Cameo on 01.04

Anyone looking for the next Passion Pit needs look no further than Brooklyn's next potentially big chill-wave export, Future Screens. Like most quality bands, it appears that also this one was built with hooking up purposes in mind: if their song 'All My Daydreams' (streaming below) doesn't convince her (or him or whatever you're into) to stick around the bar a little longer, nothing will. Singer Rob Arbelo has taken the normally distant chill-wave vibe, and infused it with a sympathetic heart usually reserved for old Motown soul grooves. It's an intoxicating (and dizzying) wave of sonic keyboard blasts that should help get you ready to finally start dancing when you'll see the band live on January 4th at Cameo Gallery. - Mike Levine

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