Outernational headlines the Knit on 11.29

It’s time to pump up the enjambment! Are you starved of syllables? Vacant of verbiage? Bereft of that Boom-Bap? Fret not, lovers of lyrics and revelers in rhyme, a collection of some of New York’s most potent wordsmiths is set to take the stage at the Knitting Factory Brooklyn this Thursday Nov. 29th. Headlined by Outernational, whose new EP was produced by RATM Tom Morello (can you tell?), and featuring support by the likes of Beans (formerly of Anti-pop Consortium), Mike Ladd, and MINDSpray's Prop Anon, it promises to pack more syllables per measure than a Micro-Machines commercial. Seriously, though, these guys are dope. Stream the EP titletrack below, and watch a video here.  - BrokeMC