Psychobuildings release new video for 'Wonderchamber'

“Wonderchamber,” the new video by Brooklynʼs Psychobuildings, creeps along like an arachnid lullaby poised to disintegrate into a danceable labyrinth. Subtly political, its Nietzschian lyrics deadpan the sensual allure of an omnipresent cult leader who speaks with “glitter in his pockets” to crowds more than willing to drink his kool-aid. Psychobuildings leader Peter LaBier prances across the singleʼs video in a shirtless jiggle, gently balanced by the kaleidescope ballet effects that brings to mind Damien Hirshʼs larva collages. When LaBier emerges halfway through in a psychedelic unitard, the whole affair feels somehow enlightened and utterly irresistible. Five live shows during CMJ last week cemented the bandʼs devil-may-care aesthetic to dizzying response. - Brian Chidester