Grinding Gears with Todd Grantham

It's great to know why musicians do what they do. Why they write songs about heartache or joy. What kind of emotion they're trying to express. Who they most look up to. That's the magic of what they do. But then there's the science of it. How do they make the most raw or sensual sounds come out of their instruments?

For this week's edition of Grinding Gears, we sit down with Todd Grantham, keyboardist and all-around good guy of The Quivers. He gives us the exclusive on stealing vibraphones, pling-plinging and the burns.

Read our interview at the link here!

You can also preview The Quivers' latest EP Gots To Have It! at the Bandcamp streaming link below. They'll have physical copies at their show at The Brick this evening.

-Michelle Bacon

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