Emily Wells moves to NYC, releases "Mama", tours with Dark Dark Dark

So it looks like Emily Wells (who recently relocated from LA to NYC) has finally let her guard down. After several records spent experimenting with her sample-based mix of chamber instruments and rock attitude, gypsy vocals and even some brief rapping interludes, she has released the first single to her new record 'Mama,' and it is something far bolder than expected.

'Passenger' contains that rare sort of rapture which is as surprising as it is comforting. With this track, Emily Wells may very well have crafted one of the best songs of the year, while proving the theory that to be a true badass, you have to be vulnerable.

Emily on tour will be supporting Minneapolis folk band Dark Dark Dark, a group that should help let the holy ghost in before Ms. Wells comes out. Join the bands when they return from national tours to play Friday, October 12th at The Knitting Factory. - Mike Levine