"There's Still Time Left"- Keepin' it Grunge with Glassbones.

Soft yet upbeat and bubbling, hopeful in their world of angst... all up to the very name of the band suggests a fragile balance, which is how Glassbones' soothing sound fails to ever turn into background noise. 

Formed in 2010 in Portland, the quartet fronted by Colin Johnson blend on their much critically acclaimed debut EP “There's Still Time Left”, released earlier this year, a polished ensemble underpinned with Johnson and Ricky Wilkins' clashing guitars, and Mathieu Lewis-Rolland's offbeat punk infused drums. Grunge in the depth of the vocals, as a subtle reminder of a not-so-long-lost 1990s scene, Glassbones are ready with this record in their back-pocket to reach out beyond the confines of their homeland. Let their effervescent waves of freedom tickle your ears whilst awaiting new shows to be announced! - Tracy Mamoun